Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Save Tiger!

As we all know that tigers are being killed at a very fast rate so we need to protect them. As already discussed in my first blog that why are they killed? i will tell you the steps that are being taken to protect them.
After viewing about the condition of tigers today the World Bank and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) have join hands to establish 'Indian Wildlife Business Council' (IWBC) that would promote that would promote the conversation of endangered species.
After signing the Memorandum of understanding in this regard with the CII's Deputy Director ,General Indrani Kar in Washington on June 27, 2012 , the World Bank President , Robert Zeollick said that the proposed council would lead the efforts to save tiger from becoming extinct.
The main aim of the IWBC is to promote tigers and biodiversity conservation for sustainable development.
The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development , International Development association , International Finance Corporation which comprises of World Bank Group will support IWBC.
Tiger population has decreased massively due to rapid industrialisation .poaching and illegal trade. There are hardly 3000 tigers left with us on this planet hope that this will help tigers to survive and there will be an inrease in the population of tiger.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Electric Motor

In our house we have so many devices which contain motors such as washing machines , coolers , hair driers , kitchen appliances, and many more but have you ever thought that how does an electric motor work?
Electric motor converts electric energy into movement. You must have seen a magnet inside an electric motor  if not then i think you should open an old motor and you must have a look of its components inside. What happens is that when an electric current passes along a wire in the field of a magnet, it exerts a force to move  the wire . Usually the magnet is still , while the coil carrying the current spins inside it .Domestic motors run on a.c . or alternating currents , and the current in the coil is rapidly reversed so the magnet's  poles change direction , forcing the coil to make another half turn . This process is repeated very rapidly as the motor turns .
When a motor runs form a d.c. or direct current , it flows in only one direction , a device called a commutator reverses the current and causes the coil to rotate .
So now i hope that you must have come to know that how does an electric motor work.
cross section of an electric motor

Saturday, 4 May 2013


Stephen Hawking
Barack Obama talking to Stephen Hawking in the White House
US President Barack  Obama talking to Stephen Hawking
 Suffering from motor neuron disease for most of his life Stephen Hawking is one of the world's greatest scientist today. He is a British physicist and author of ''A Brief History of Time''. He usually sits on a wheelchair and speaks with the aid of a voice synthesizer.Hawking was the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge between 1979 to 2009.In his book ''A Brief History of Time'' Stephen Hawking has explained about the Big Bang theories, light cones , Black Holes and many more this book was published in the year 1988.The 1996 addition of this book and other additions discuss the possibility of time travel and he has also discussed about aliens in his book.

Hawking sitting in his wheelchair inside

Friday, 3 May 2013

The World of Extremes

Windiest place on Earth 

 Mount Washington of New Hampshire
The Commonwealth Bay of Antarctica is the Windiest place on Earth.Here most consistently winds reach upto 320km/h.But the highest individual gust of wind was recorded in Mount Washington of New Hampshire   in USA.The wind here was recorded at about 371km/hon 12 April 1934.
Hottest place on Earth
Dallol in Ethiopia is the hottest place on earth with an average temperature of 34.4 degree Celsius
Driest place
Atacama Desert of Chile where the annually rainfall is officially nil is the driest place on Earth.
Coldest place on Earth
Vostok of Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth with -89.2 degree Celsius as recorded on 21 July 1983.
Most rainfall in a year
Mt. Waialeale, Kauai ,Hawaii of USA gets about 350 days of rainfall in a year.The total rainfall is of about 11684 mm in a year.
Most Rainfall in 24 hours
Cilaos ,La Reunion , Indian Ocean, 1870 mm on 15-16 March 1952.
Greatest annual rainfall(extreme example)
Cherrapunji ,Assam, 26461 mm between 1 August 1860 and 31 July 1861 which is close to the length of a tennis court! Also at the same place, the greatest in one calender month 9300 mm fell in July 1861.
Greatest Snowfall in 12 months
31102 mm at Mt. Rainer,Washington,USA from 19 February 1971  to 18 February 1972 .
Tornado wind speed
Fastest 450 km/h at Wichita Falls , Texas , USA on 2 April 1958.
Atacama Desert
Vostok of Antarctica 

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Audi in India

Luxury car makers Audi recently became the No.1 car sellers in India in their segment they defeated their rivals BMW in India. The German Company started their business in India in the year 2004 since then they have been tremendous in their work in India. With the increase in the competition with other competitors Audi became better and better. BMW , Mercedes , Aston Martin and many more companies in this range could not beat Audi. But what was the reason that made Audi a top class car in India?
Well i think the offers they brought and their customer support made the difference apart from this all new cars they brought in the Indian market created a big demand in the Indian market. Their cars include Audi A4 , Audi A6 , Audi Q3 , Audi Q4 , Audi Q7 all these cars made a terrific impact on the Indian people. Besides all this their car designs i mean all their cars have some or the other unique designs in them. In India Audi has been doing business since 2004 and they have achieved a lot in India in the span of about 9 years well its a good going Audi India in India

XUV 500

Well, do you love cars and you want to buy a brand new car but cannot decide which one to buy? I have a solution for you. And its a brand new Mahindra XUV 500. It is abrand new car for those people who love suv's (sport utility vehicle).
XUV 500 is built under Mahindra company from India this car was launched in September 2011 but by the June 2012 it was available in India. The price of this car ranges form about 12 to 16 lakhs but it has a class of itself that is the reason why it is so popular in India this wonderful suv had a great demand in India before its launch but as soon as it came in Indian market it took other car's sale to touch their lowest sales.
 Mahindra company earned a huge profit in the first year by selling its suv however XUV 500 has not broken the recoord of its own family car Scorpio till now but expert say that it can break the record of sales done by Scorpio.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Galaxy Facts

Galaxies are group of billion stars that are held together by the force of gravity. Most of the galaxy in the universe are either spiral or elliptical , but some are irregular in shape.
 Milky Way galaxy

The best known galaxy is the Milky Way galaxy .The word 'Galaxy' comes from the Greek word for milk this is so because before the telescopes were invented or where powerful enough to prove that they were made up of individual stars , galaxies looked like milky or cloudy areas in the sky.Milky Way galaxy is our galaxy in which we and our earth exists. Our galaxy is one of 100-200 billion stars in the milky way galaxy ,which is 100000 light years in diameter. The sun and all the planets take about 200000000 years to complete its one orbit around its center.
 Magellanic Cloud
The large Magellanic Cloud which is visible only in the southern hemisphere ,is 1700000 light years form Earth and 39000 light years in diameter.
The Central Galaxy of the Abell 2029 galaxy cluster was discovered in 1990. It is 1070 million light years away and has a diameter of about 5.6 million light years , 80 times the diameter of our Milky Way galaxy.
It has a total light output equivalent to 2 trillion times that of the sun.
The Sagittarius Dwarf which was discovered in 1994,is more than 70000  light years from Earth ,and is being torn apart. It is the nearest galaxy to us.
In 2004 astronomers at the European Southern Observatory ,Chile, announced the discovery of Galaxy Abell 135IR1916. It is about 13.2 billion light years away from Earth.
The most distant thing that can be seen in the universe from the naked eye is the
Andromeda Galaxy 
Andromeda Galaxy which is 2309000 light years away from Earth. This galaxy has 300 billion stars and a diameter of  180000 light years. The light we see now from  Andromeda Galaxy left there just after the first humans appear on earth.
The Central Galaxy of the Abell 2029